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Just a Boy and His Trike

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We have probably all seen the strangely-wonderful images of people and their overloaded tricycles from from such exotic places as Hanoi, Bangalore, Phnom Pehn and what-have-you. But with the introduction of motorization, the Chinese manufacturers seem to have taken this workhorse to a new level (and understandly so – faster, further, more – what’s there not to like in the pursuit of progress for a hypersonically-industrializing nation?)

I made this images during my last trip.

The first is of a construction entrepreneur (I think his name was Yang), zipping along the countryside on his scooter-trike. The thing was faster and more manueverable that we were in our Ford 4×4.

Just a Boy and His Trike, I

Just a Boy and His Trike, I

This second image was made on the major highway out of Zhongdian. We had stopped, in an odd sort of coincidence, to check out tricycle features and prices. A fair bit of tire-kicking took place but no, we did not buy one 😉

Just a Boy and His Trike, II and II

Just a Boy and His Trike, II and II


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June 30, 2011 at 3:29 pm

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