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Tree Trunks I, Green Lake, 2012

Tree Trunks I, Green Lake, 2012

A friend asked what I think of the Sony NEX-7 for a travel kit so I have been diligently trying to put it through it’s paces.

I shot Tree Trunks I under the dense mid-summer tree canopy. The difference in EVs between the highlights and the rest of the bark was huge…maybe 5 or 6 stops. I processed the RAW file in Lightroom, doing a fair amount of dodging and burning to get the image to where it approximates what (I feel) the human eye/brain perceives. I was pleased to find that I could pull as much detail out of the highlights as I wanted.

Tree Trunks II was made under a typical cloudy Seattle sky. No direct sunlight to contend with but the location of this tree meant that certain portions of the frame were rather brightly illuminated by reflected light. In processing, I again applied some dodging and burning to even things out. The thing that pleased me about this image is that it shows how much detail the NEX sensor (+ inexpensive 55-210mm lens) is able to resolve.

Tree Trunks II, Green Lake, 2012

Tree Trunks II, Green Lake, 2012

Tree Trunks I: 1/25 second at f/13, ISO 400. Sony NEX-7 + E 55-210mm OSS.
Tree Trunks II: 1/60 second at f/8, ISO 400. Sony NEX-7 + E 55-210mm OSS.


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August 17, 2012 at 4:26 pm

Tree Abstract

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I made this image several weeks ago, when Duane and I hiked out to the coast. It was perfectly sunny at the trailhead, but as we got closer and closer to our destination, it began to fog up. Seriously fog up; we were socked in by the time we could hear the ocean. I made this image about 1/4 mile from the water. We’re looking straight up into the moss-covered boughs, backlit by “the world’s largest lightbox”, as Art Wolf is fond of saying.

Thanks again for the great companionship, Duane!

Olympic National Park, Washington, U.S.A.

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September 10, 2010 at 1:00 am

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