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Joyful Dance

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Joyful Dance

Joyful Dance

Gorgeous sunny weather today. Not a cloud in the clear blue sky, (late afternoon) temperatures hover around 80°F (26°C) as I type. I made this image on an equally beautiful Pacific Northwest summer day last week. I ended up getting a bit wet, but who can complain on days like today?

Photog Notes
Shoot enough seascapes and you get reasonably good at judging the direction, frequency and size of the incoming waves, the positions and profiles of the rocks at the waterline, and thus the patterns of spray when the waves slap into those rocks. I try to stay away from vertical rock faces, especially when the prevailing wind and tide drive incoming waves headlong into them….because this usually means widespread, unpredictable patterns of flying water. But on this day, all I had to work with was ~30 feet of shoreline and wouldn’t you know it, mostly-vertical rock faces that were taking the brunt of the incoming tide. So I tried as best as I could to hide the camera in the spray shadow of an adjacent rock and judiciously covered the camera while not making exposures.


Written by xinapray

August 27, 2011 at 5:16 pm

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