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Sokha Sunset

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I shot this on Sokha Beach in Sihanoukville (Cambodia), on the Gulf of Thailand. 45 mintues before, things were not looking good as this swarth of clouds obscured the horizon. But, as the minutes ticked down, breaks in the grey began to form…leading to this scene.

I constantly marvel at how I am never alone when shooting sunsets at home in Seattle. What is not evident from this image is the 40-50 townspeople who had gathered to watch the sun go down (they were mostly behind me or just outside the frame). I’ve witnessed this phenomenon time and again in many different locations but every time that it happens, I am in awe of the power of this magical time of day.

Sokha Beach Sunset

Sokha Beach Sunset


Written by xinapray

February 6, 2011 at 3:08 am

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