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You Are My Never-Ending Song

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I made this image at sunset on Sunday. Things looked bleak from the house but I decided to head down to the water anyway (because any sunset hour on the beach is a good hour). I got there to find dark clouds obscuring the horizon, except for a break north of where the sun would set. Things were not looking good but as 8:30 approached, brilliant orange light spilled from that gash in the gray, and soon the sky was aglow and the crests of waves took on amazing color. I didn’t feel like setting up the tripod and gear so I decided to work on some handheld interpretive images instead.



Photog Notes
To achieve a painterly effect, I exposed this image at ⅓ second while panning the camera parallel to the horizon. To bring out the detail in the waves and mountains, I used a relatively long 105 mm focal length, aperture set to f/38 (to achieve maximum depth of field as well as to allow for the long shutter speed). One key with making images like this is to achieve a smooth sweep while the shutter is open. This accomplish this, I usually start panning before I trip the shutter. As I’m panning, I’m also visualizing the horizon line (remember that the viewfinder is blacked out while the shutter is open) to achieve a level horizon.


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