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Sunset, 20120304

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One of my favorite activities is catching sunset by the water. It allows me to decompress and recharge; a gorgeous blue hour keeps me in good spirits for days. But the confluence of weather and work this winter has offered me relatively few opportunities to participate in this favorite activity.

Sunday evening brought the potential to make a few frames. I arrived with lots of time to spare but as the big orange orb edged itโ€™s way towards the horizon, the anxiety began to build. It used to feel like I ran through each sunset shoot as if on autopilot. But today, I struggled with composition and finding the right technical settings. And as quickly as the sun was racing past the horizon, so my window of opportunity was closing. I hurried through several frames. This is one of the images that I was able to capture. Shooting seascapes is about relaxing and making a good memory. On this day, it felt like just really hard work. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Photog Notes
f/13, 1/4 second at ISO 200. To help tame the dynamic range, I applied a 2-stop hard-edged graduated neutral density filter when I made the exposure. But the histogram and on-screen blinkies confirmed that I still had blown highlights (where the sun had just dropped below the horizon and in the clouds directly above), so I snapped an exposure just for those areas and manually blended them into the overall image.

Written by xinapray

March 10, 2012 at 4:30 pm

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