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Somewhere Between The Cake and The Eggs

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Christmas Eve, 2011

Christmas Eve, 2011

My last two errands on Christmas Eve were to pick up the cake for the party, and the eggs for breakfast on Christmas morning. While heading to the cake shop, I saw that beautiful clouds were beginning to form on the horizon and surmised that with the current conditions there was going to be the chance for a decent sunset. After picking up the cake, I headed down to the water. All I had with me was the Canon S100 point-and-shoot but no matter, I had been wanting to try out it’s low light capabilities anyway.

Photog Notes
This image is a composite of two images, one exposed for the sky and distant water, the other for the foreground. Without the big camera and filter set up, I knew going into this shoot that the game plan would entail multiple exposures, then blending them in post processing to create an even exposure across the frame (aka a high dynamic range composite, if you will). Luckily, I had my regular tripod with me – this sturdy setup allowed me to set up in the water without any movement or change in position between frames.

In post processing, I converted the RAW files with Canon’s Digital Photo Pro, then built the composite in GIMP. Both images for the composite were shot in manual exposure at ISO 80, f/8 to allow the sensor to capture the most detail. I exposed the foreground image at 3.2 seconds to allow the water surface to glass over. The distant scene was exposed at 1 second to preserve the colors and patterns in the clouds. As expected, the S100’s sensor-lens combination performed like a champ when satisfied with the proper amount of light.


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