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dreaming with my eyes wide open, part iii / noon hour

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I made this image about 2 weeks ago. As I left the house to run an errand, I noted how quickly the clouds were blowing across the sky. Made quick work of the chore, checked the tide table, picked up the gear, and headed to Carkeek (Park). This is one of the images that I recorded. It was made at about forty minutes past noon. In order to capture the movement in the sky and water, I used an extremely dark filter. I like the bit of surreality that the long exposure imparted on the scene. Our brains are just not programmed to expect/view daylight long exposure images like this.

dwmewo iii / noon hour

dwmewo iii / noon hour

Photog Notes
This image was lit by heavy cloud-filtered sunlight. The camera was set at ISO 200, exposed for 30 seconds at f/16. In order to extend the shutter speed to the extreme that I wanted, I used a Lee Big Stopper (10x) neutral density filter. The Big Stopper is a great tool but it lets through so little light that it is nearly impossible to focus or accurately set exposure with the filter in place. I therefore set up the focus before inserting the filter. Exposure was a bit of trial-and-error; I determined the starting point by taking an unfiltered exposure and bumping that up by a 10-stop shutter/aperture combination. A big thank you to all the teachers who taught me to do simple mental arithmetic!


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September 15, 2011 at 1:36 pm

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