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Leaves on Dark Water

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Leaves on Dark Water

Leaves on Dark Water

I was walking around the lake, and stopped for a bit on the south side. By this late hour of the day, the shoreline was almost completely in the shadow of the adjacent tree-covered hill. The water was dark and flat, except for two, maybe three, feet from the shore, where the weeds grew. Here, their tops created a beautiful texture on the dark, shiny surface, occasionally broken up by the brightness of fallen willow foliage. As I stopped to survey the scene, a narrow beam of sunlight cut through the trees, bathing this patch of leaves in a warm glow.

Photog Notes
ISO 100, 1/25 second, f/8. I made this image with a Canon G12 point-and-shoot. The RAW file was processed with Canon’s Digital Photo Pro, then tweaked and finished off in GIMP. What you see is pretty much what came out of the camera. I applied a bit of curves adjustment and tone mapping to bring out a bit more of the richness of color and to focus attention, and that was about it. Apart from it’s heft, the G12 is a joy to work with. I particularly enjoy the build quality, the quick access to controls, and the beautiful balance of the instrument.


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