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The Next 365

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Seoul Self-Portrait

Seoul Self-Portrait

I made this self-portrait at the COEX Mall in Seoul earlier this year. Today, I am another year older and (one would like to think) another year wiser. Whatever that determination might be, I am certainly fortunate to have been blessed with love, health, awesome family and wonderful friends. I have spent the past year contemplating the shortness and uncertainty of life. I shall spend the next 365 days attempting to hold those that I hold dear a little closer.

Photog Notes
I shot this image with an aperture of f/6.7, at 1/20 sec. To get a reasonably hand-holdable shutter speed, I had to dial the ISO up to 800. Shooting with a relatively old piece of hardware (Nikon D300), the trick was to make sure the the image was properly exposed; any underexposure would have resulted in a dreadful amount of noise (i.e., graininess), especially in the shadows. Digital sensors reward you when you respect their need for light 😉

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October 21, 2011 at 4:36 pm

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