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Home Again

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Self-Portrait in Acrylic

Self-Portrait in Acrylic

Shanghai – Chengdu – Kunming – Shangri-la – Lijiang – Shanghai in 11 days. Wow, what a trip. I caught a cold in Shanghai, an auspicious start that was followed with a bit of altitude sickness in Shangri-la. But all the while, the company was great. I got to see lots, do lots, accomplish lots. Caught the holidaying crowds in a festive Lijiang on Duanwujie, strolled down a Chengdu boulevard where the entire street smelled like Ma La (Sichuan hot pepper) cooking, had dinner and drinks with a celebrity hairdresser in Kunming, even got to belt a few at a Tibetan-style KTV in Shangri-la.

But by the end, I was glad to be heading back. To the quiet and tranquility and solitude of my special space; to the safety and steadfastness of the rock of my life. Ask me in a couple of weeks and I’ll probably tell you that I’m ready to go again. But for now, nothing beats being home.


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June 10, 2011 at 3:58 am


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By this time tomorrow, you will be almost half a world away.
I cannot bear to think of the days that we will be apart; they are too many.
And yet I count them, each one of them, for when they are gone, we will be together again.

Photo taken somewhere over Taiwan, ROC.

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April 8, 2010 at 9:21 am

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