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Chengdu Rising

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Beijing and Shanghai are often seen as the symbols of modern China. But Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, impresses me mightily. It is a city on the rise. A metropolis in a hurry to become world class. There is an electric ambition in the air that far outpaces any of the bustle and development that I’ve seen in those other places. If I had to pick a place to live in, I’d be hard-pressed not to pick Chengdu. And the 24 x 7 availability of Sichuanese cuisine doesn’t hurt either  😉

Chengdu Rising

Chengdu Rising

Photog Notes
I made this on the way to lunch in the Chunxi Lu retail district. To me, this image embodies the rise of the new China. Modern, sophisticated, affluent, with a uniquely contemporary Chinese flair that is rooted in traditionalism. Surrounding the couple are symbols of the growing economy, intermingled with vestiges of the old…just like the nation itself.

I shot this with a mid-range focal length of 65 mm to compress things front-to-rear, while using a relatively large aperture (f/8) to isolate the couple. I liked the resulting points of attention, but the harsh midday sun played quite a bit of havoc with the lighting. The shade from the umbrella made things worse, of course. To restore the scene to the way that the human eye sees, I created two subtly different images with respect to exposure, then manually blended the two. I also applied a teeny bit of dodging and burning to further highlight the differences. As always, I welcome your comments!

Written by xinapray

August 21, 2011 at 3:04 pm

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