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A Duck Encounter

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Houseboats, Lake Union, 2012

Houseboats, Lake Union, 2012

It had been a really intense work week. When Friday rolled around, I was dead tired but since there was a temporary break in the rain and there were big, puffy, luminescent clouds blowing over the city, I grabbed the cameras and headed down to the lake. One of the compositions that I tried was to juxtapose the boxy, man-made lines of the houseboats against the randomness of the sky. So there I was, crouched on the shore with camera at the water line, contorting myself in order to (barely) make out the composition on the (non-articulating) camera screen. A bit of swirling in the water caused me to glance up and there in front of me, almost eye level to eye level, was this duck couple. They had been messing around in the scrub several yards away but apparently the intense, awkward, human activity was something that warranted checking out. I laughed so hard that I almost fell over.

Photog Notes
f/3.4, 1/250 second at ISO 80 on an infrared-converted Panasonic ZS6. In post processing, I applied some sharpening and a bit of selective dodging and burning. I then adjusted the red and blue channels to get the tones that I desired. A teeny bit of curves adjustment finished off the image. In good light, the point-and-shoot ZS6 performs quite well (as is the case here) but I’m rather rapidly growing into the notion that I need to be shooting with an SLR-sized sensor 😉


Written by xinapray

March 18, 2012 at 2:40 pm

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