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dreaming with my eyes wide open, part i

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After shooting and posting Cycle of Life, I found the image so boringly literal that I did another shoot. This time, I chose to only keep a very, very narrow plane in focus, allowing everything else to fade into color and light. I like it, but it’s probably too out-of-focus for some?

dwmewo i

dwmewo, i

Photog Notes
This one is literally straight out of the camera. I overexposed by about ½ a stop to get the brilliant green glow. To light the scene, I used reflected sunlight from a big bay window with sheer white curtains. But, using this kind of lighting also meant that I had to use a long exposure (2 seconds, which is very long for daylight images)  in order to get the proper tones deep inside the leaf. I mounted the camera on my ultra-heavy tripod, composed the image, locked down all the controls, set the shutter on self-timer and made sure everything was kept as still as could be during the exposure, myself included (I have wood floors that would have transmitted some vibration if I had been moving about).


Written by xinapray

August 30, 2011 at 10:20 pm

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