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Happy Feet

Happy Feet

One my favorite things to do in Shanghai is to sip coffee and browse curiosities and snap photos at Tianzifang, a preserved part of town where modern retail comingles with French Concession-era shikumen housing. Traditionally known as the creative and bohemian center of Shanghai, today’s Tianzifang caters a great deal to the tourist and expat populations. Nonetheless – thanks to conscientious preservation – much of the charm remains, especially when one goes off season and wanders off the beaten path. Here are some images that I made on the last trip. These are dedicated to all of you who help feed my Tianzifang fascination. I hope to see you (there) again soon!

Shanghai Story

Shanghai Story

Night Out

Night Out


Photog Notes

Apart from the signage and storefronts, Tianzifang isn’t really all that bright at night. I made these images with the D300 set to 1600 ISO and the Tokina 11-16 wide open at f/2.8.

Happy Feet – The Chinese characters say “Tianzifang 43”. The advertising was “painted” onto the ground by a projector fitted with a mask over the lens. It moved about the courtyard in an elliptical pattern. The EV range in this scene was thus rather large. The camera did a great in capturing the darker detail – something not so apparent until I processed the raw file in Capture NX.

Shanghai Story – This was the image that I had to process the most. The strong directional lighting created highlights in a lot of places that I didn’t like. I ended up doing a lot of burning to minimize them. The mixed incandescent and fluorescent lighting sources also played havoc with the tones on the subject. Her face came out dark, with a fluorescent blue-green tone. I ended up taking care of this by creating a new layer, correcting for her face, and blending that into the rest of the image.

Night Out – Pretty much straight out of camera. To punch things up a teeny bit, added a small amount of contrast.

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August 2, 2011 at 2:40 pm

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