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We left town at ~10:30. I-90 seemed unusually busy, even past Issaquah. Made our way to Rattlesnake Lake (exit 32, ~4 miles S). Seemed like a great idea until we got to the lake. It was packed! Cars parked on both sides of the street for 1/2, maybe 3/4 mile. So we went further, to Hyak on Snoqualmie Pass. Found an open area with a decent Northeastern view and even here, we were far from alone. Must have been 10-12 other vehicles, with about twice as many driving through during the 1-1/2 hours we were there.

The meteor show was not as spectacular as predicted – we saw about 15. However there were 2 that were truly wonderul. Large and bright with nice long tails, it was not hard to imagine the intense crackling-burning as they hurled through the atmosphere. The glow from one even lit up some close low-lying clouds.

But the highlight of the night was surely the sky itself. With no moon in sight, the celestial superstars had come out to play. I found the white glittering band that bisected the sky – the Milky Way – the most spectacular. Duane, who does a fair amount of backcountry camping, said that he has not seen such an amazing show in years.

We were blessed last night.

Snoqualmie Pass, Washington, U.S.A.

Written by xinapray

August 14, 2010 at 8:21 am

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